Born in 1987, Meerbusch-Lank, Germany and grown up in Krefeld, I started coding as I was 15 years old using PHP as my first programming language. Though I got to know other languages such as Delphi, Java and C++), I got in love with dynamic typing and interpreted languages and therefore sticked to PHP. I realized that a programming language is just a tool in your toolbox and it's more important to know concepts, paradigms, principles and be able to think like a programmer than to know a dozen of programming languages. It's easy to learn a programming language, but's hard to actually program. Programming is art.

Always interested in taking photos, I got myself a Canon 450D in Autumn 2008 and started walking around at different places and took photos. I'm planning on presenting most of my photos on this blog and create a central hub, because currently there are different sites where I uploaded them.


André Gawron
Casper-Voght-Straße 46
20535 Hamburg, Germany

0177 / 9613355

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