p "hello world"

written by André Gawron, 17. October 2010

It's live. Another guy who writes stuff down nobody may care about. But I'll use it for writing ideas down which come to my mind, to paraphrase and visualize problems I encounter and possible solutions I will hopefully find. It's my personal mnemonic and maybe other people also share my problems and are happy to find a place where they can discuss those. This blog also provides a place where I will introduce my private projects and describe their progress, hoping to force myself to work on them more regularly as I lacked motivation lately.

At the moment I'm exploring Ruby and its capabilities. I'm pretty fond of it right now and will present my custom error handling based on Lisp's condition system soon.

Since I'm also into photography, I will show off some photos I took and trying to build this place to be a central hub for my shots (currently my photos are in different places like deviantart). As for now, I uploaded most of the recent photos (which are about one year old however) and I gonna add more and more as time goes by. Of course I'm eager to take new photos as well. I was even out last sunday to take some with a friend but things didn't worked out as planned; we met other friends at the Rhein and enjoyed the last warm rays of sun.