Sneak Peek: Hamburg

written by André Gawron, 06. January 2011

Happy New Year!

It was a busy year-end, especially the last few weeks. A lot of stuff happened, good and bad. I didn't have the time to blog about the progress of the condition system yet, but I'm working on it. You can follow my repository if you're interested in watching it evolving. I'm planning on using it on a more serious project I have in mind and I'm looking forward to see it perform in production-like environment.

Hamburg, meine Perle

I've been in Hamburg on New Year's Eve but I was mostly stuck with party preparations before and clean-ups afterwards. We, a friend of mine and I, had, however, time for a short sight-seeing tour. Since he used to live in Hamburg for several years, he took me to awesome places without the hassle of searching for them. Unfortunately, it was way too short and we hadn't enough time to stay at one place for long but I was able to finally take photos again. It's probably been a year now since I seriously took photos the last time. And I missed it.

I'm currently looking through them, editing and preparing them to go online. It takes time though. A bunch of photos, a sneak peek, are already online and you can find them constantly being added in the Places > Hamburg Gallery. Hamburg is an awesome city and has a lot of stuff to see. Beautiful houses, great lakes and an industrial port I've never seen before in such dimension.

I definitely have to go back to Hamburg - with much more time.